William Hunt

Cell: 904-217-2432
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Experienced open software developer seeks further challenges engineering complex systems. Highly motivated, energetic and enjoys solving complicated problems.


Ohio Northern University - Getty College of Arts and Sciences

Major: Computer Science (3.35 cumulative GPA, 3.85 majoral GPA)


Open Software Development

Perl, PHP, Bash, Python, Javascript, C/C++, Java

'Frontend' Web Technologies

JQuery, JQueryMobile, JQueryUI, dHTML, JavascriptMVC, NodeJS, Prototype, Underscore

'Backend' Web Technologies

Mojolicious, CakePHP, Catalyst, Template Toolkit, HTML5, Django, Drupal

Database Systems

MySQL 4 & 5, PostgreSQL, SQLite

Servers/Operating Systems

Apache, Ubuntu, Debian, Gentoo, FreeBSD

Software Engineering

Agile, SCRUM, UML, REST, JIRA, CVS, Subversion, Git, Mercurial


Nowtalk Chief Technology Officer - Atlanta, GA - 2013-current

  • Implemented Nowtalk's custom chat platform, including all backend and frontend components
  • Took product from vision to complete implementation with active users during seed investment stage.
  • Used cutting edge web technologies to create chat controls, demos, administration tools, metrics and more
  • Technologies used include PHP, Propel ORM, MySQL, JQuery, require, grunt, SASS and many more

GE Transportation Senior Open Web Developer - Jacksonville, FL - 2013

  • Maintained and contributed code to RailDOCS, the leader in tracking federally mandated railroad asset testing
  • Technologies used frequently included Python, Django, JQuery, and MySQL

Independent Contractor Senior Web Developer - Jacksonville, FL - 2012-2013

  • Used CakePHP on a short-term contract with Victory Systems to implement a full corporate website including rate quotes, ordering and many other features
  • Integrated custom PHP code into Splitzee.com, a web application for cloudsourcing gift and package buying.
  • Technologies used include PHP, MySQL and Mobile Web Programming

CargoTel, Inc Senior Open Software Developer - Baltimore, MD - 2012-2013

  • Designed and developed RadioField, a complete Mobile Web application framework.
  • Technologies used include Perl, JQuery, JQueryMobile, PhoneGap and PostgreSQL
  • Used the Mojolicious framework to build a fully modern backend service in Perl

RMI Jacksonville Senior Open Software Developer - Jacksonville, FL - 2008-2012

  • Maintained and contributed code to RailDOCS, the leader in tracking federally mandated railroad asset testing
  • Technologies used frequently included Perl, Python, PYQT, Prototype, JQuery and MySQL
  • Designed and deployed the first FRA Hours of Service application based on the new regulations for railroads
  • Responsible for supervising and mentoring junior-level developers

Continuity Programs, Inc Open Software Developer - Walled Lake, MI - 2006-2008

  • Developed and maintained CPI's portal site
  • Technologies used frequently included PHP, MySQL, Prototype, XAjax and Drupal
  • Took on sysadmin duties; deployed new Postfix mailserver, and administrated on-site web and database resources
Further Experience
(Details available on request):

MojoHost Open Software Developer/System Administrator - Southfield, MI - 2004-2006

Infotronics Software Developer/QA - Southfield, MI - 2003-2004

Outrage Games QA Intern - Ann Arbor, MI - 2003

Ohio Northern University Research Assistant - Ada, OH - 2001-2003

Freelancer.com - JQuery, MySQL and PHP certified (2012)
Music, Visual Arts, Philosophy, World Cuisine

Abie Axen

Founder, CTO, Nowtalk - (904)-383-3103 - abieaxen@gmail.com

Travis Hampton

Lead Software Developer, GE Transportation - (903)-383-3101 - Travis.Hampton@ge.com

Tom Allen

Director Quality and Strategy, Florida East Coast Railway - (904) 333-4942 - tom@nonserviam.net

Dr. Robert Hovis

Chair, Department of Mathematics, ONU - (419) 772-2357 - r-hovis@onu.edu

Further references available