Willow Hunt

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Experienced open software developer seeks further challenges engineering complex systems. Highly motivated, energetic and enjoys solving complicated problems.


Ohio Northern University - Getty College of Arts and Sciences

Major: Computer Science (3.35 cumulative GPA, 3.85 majoral GPA)


Open Software Development

Javascript, Python, PHP, Perl, Bash, C/C++, Java

'Frontend' Web Technologies

JQuery, JQueryMobile, JQueryUI, dHTML, JavascriptMVC, Prototype, Underscore, SASS, Backbone

'Backend' Web Technologies

NodeJS, Mojolicious, CakePHP, Catalyst, Template Toolkit, HTML5, Django, Drupal, Propel ORM, Wordpress

Database Systems

MySQL 4 & 5, PostgreSQL, SQLite

Servers/Operating Systems

Apache, Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, Gentoo, RHEL), FreeBSD

Software Engineering

Agile, SCRUM, UML, REST, JIRA, CVS, Subversion, Git, Mercurial


Nowtalk Chief Technology Officer - Atlanta, GA - 2013-current

  • Implemented Nowtalk's custom chat platform, including all backend and frontend components
  • Took product from vision to complete implementation with active users during seed investment stage.
  • Used cutting edge web technologies to create chat controls, demos, administration tools, metrics and more
  • Technologies used:
    • Backend: PHP, MySQL, Custom Router, Custom Controller, Propel ORM, Smarty Templating, HybridAuth
    • Frontend: JQuery, require, grunt, SASS, dust, DataTables, Backbone, Highcharts, JClass

GE Transportation Senior Open Web Developer - Jacksonville, FL - 2013

  • Maintained and contributed code to RailDOCS, the leader in tracking federally mandated railroad asset testing
  • Technologies used:
    • Backend: Python, Django, MySQL, node.js, perl, DBIx::Class, Catalyst, Template Toolkit, RabbitMQ/Celery
    • Frontend: JQuery, require, canvas, Highcharts, KnockoutJS
    • Testing: qunit, Cucumber, Selenium

Independent Contractor Senior Web Developer - Jacksonville, FL - 2012-2013

  • Used CakePHP on a short-term contract with Victory Systems to implement a full corporate website including rate quotes, ordering and many other features
  • Integrated custom PHP code into Splitzee.com, a web application for cloudsourcing gift and package buying.
  • Technologies used include PHP, MySQL and Mobile Web Programming

CargoTel, Inc Senior Open Software Developer - Baltimore, MD - 2012-2013

  • Designed and developed RadioField, a complete Mobile Web application framework.
  • Technologies used include Perl, JQuery, JQueryMobile, PhoneGap and PostgreSQL
  • Used the Mojolicious framework to build a fully modern backend service in Perl

RMI Jacksonville Senior Open Software Developer - Jacksonville, FL - 2008-2012

  • Maintained and contributed code to RailDOCS, the leader in tracking federally mandated railroad asset testing
  • Technologies used frequently included Perl, Python, PYQT, Prototype, JQuery and MySQL
  • Designed and deployed the first FRA Hours of Service application based on the new regulations for railroads
  • Responsible for supervising and mentoring junior-level developers

Continuity Programs, Inc Open Software Developer - Walled Lake, MI - 2006-2008

  • Developed and maintained CPI's portal site
  • Technologies used frequently included PHP, MySQL, Prototype, XAjax and Drupal
  • Took on sysadmin duties; deployed new Postfix mailserver, and administrated on-site web and database resources
Further Experience
(Details available on request):

MojoHost Open Software Developer/System Administrator - Southfield, MI - 2004-2006

Infotronics Software Developer/QA - Southfield, MI - 2003-2004

Outrage Games QA Intern - Ann Arbor, MI - 2003

Ohio Northern University Research Assistant - Ada, OH - 2001-2003

Freelancer.com - JQuery, MySQL and PHP certified (2012)
Music, Visual Arts, Philosophy, World Cuisine

Travis Hampton

Lead Software Developer, GE Transportation - (903)-383-3101 - Travis.Hampton@ge.com

Tom Allen

Director Quality and Strategy, Florida East Coast Railway - (904) 333-4942 - tom@nonserviam.net

Christopher Zambrano

Software Developer, GE Transportation - (904)-383-3103 - Christopher.Zambrano@ge.com

Dr. Robert Hovis

Chair, Department of Mathematics, ONU - (419) 772-2357 - r-hovis@onu.edu

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